Mission Statement

US Energy Services provides solutions and support to help improve energy usage in all type of facilities, including existing and new construction projects. Our goals are to help organize and empower our clients to adopt best practices for managing energy costs and usage. 

About US Energy Services

US Energy Services, Inc. is a 40 year old  Nationwide ESCO company based in Austin, Texas that provides total envelope energy audits and sustainable solutions for private and public commercial buildings. The original company was founded by Brad Boyett in 1980 while attending        The University of Texas. Over the last 40 years we have learned some valuable information and seen significant changes in the Lighting World.

Lighting controlled environments are safer and more comfortable; enhancing mood, productivity, and climate.  Static artificial lighting is being replaced with resilient, sustainable LED products that are more efficient and better for our environment.  Reductions in your Kwh used through effective, controlled, LED lighting, will decrease your electric bill, decrease your facilities maintenance, and increase your asset value and return on your investment in a short period of time. Knowing what LED products work best for your facility is what makes us invaluable to our customers.  

We excel in lighting retrofits and new construction projects. Our lighting retrofits consistently return to our customers a 40% or better ROI.

Electrical consumption of fixtures is reduced 50%-80% with our LED fixtures. Our lighting retrofits include a 5 year warranty on lamp replacement and up to 10 years on fixtures with motion sensors. Controllable lighting reduces facilities energy and maintenance considerably. We offer a complete line of LED tunable fixtures manufactured in the USA to our specifications. Click on Catalogue for a copy of our New 2021 LED BUYERS GUIDE!

US Energy Services has a comprehensive energy audit program that exposes your energy leaks. We offer Energy Efficient LED products, and create a new look to brighten your environment and savings. We also help our clients collect utility rebates and tax incentives. In the end, our customers experience a better working environment, increased asset value, positive cash flow from the retrofit, short ROI, decreased load on HVAC equipment. This can all be done with no capital outlay.   Our clients include government, commercial office, structured parking, industrial, warehouse, storage, manufacturing plants, restaurants and retail.  So whether you are a CFO looking for operational excellence or a facility manager dedicated to sustainable products, US Energy Services can develop energy solutions to meet your organization’s energy goals.

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